Lawsuit can be as bad as SOPA…

This is getting ridiculous. I am sharing this information, because if Provo Craft wins this lawsuit it makes the owners of websites/forums liable for what is posted on their site. So Bank Of America, who owns Provo Craft-who makes the Cricut cutting machine is suing Make The Cut AGAIN. Make-The-Cut (MTC) is a software program that you can design in and then cut to the cutter of your choice (for the most part). In the beginning this program was designed to work with the Cricut machine. Quite fast MTC became a program that would work with MANY cutters. Provo Craft sued MTC about the ability to cut to the Cricut, because they made the Cricut to require cartridges and their software only. MTC settled and signed a non-disclosure agreement. All was great people were still using their cutters. They figured out how to continue using their Cricut with MTC. People on the MTC forum ‘helped’ other people continue to use their Cricuts. Nobody shared the driver required to work with your cutter, they just shared where to find it on your system. Mind you the owners of MTC NEVER helped or suggested to do this. They also deleted posts they felt necessary. Provo Craft has decided that MTC has breached their settlement. The problem: MTC could NOT tell the forum members we are NOT suppose to use our cricuts AT ALL!! So because forum members where sharing this Provo Craft is holding MTC liable for it. If this gets to court and Provo Craft wins this will affect ALL forums as we know. Who will want to host a forum or help people if they are going to be held liable.

My opinion, and ONLY my opinion is that Provo Craft is wanting to get the software. The software Provo Craft has is inferior and never worked well with their machine. I think they set MTC up to breach the settlement. Either they had to tell the forum members and any MTC users you are NOT allowed to use MTC with your software any more (BREACH) OR do what happened and MTC getting blamed for people helping other people still using their Cricut (BREACH). Now they are asking for MTC’s product code. I think they want MTC because they know it is awesome and worked GREAT with the cricut. Their software, well for lack of a better word, sucks. Provo Craft sells a bunch of items that are broken and then they never fix them. They just continue to sell more new stuff. This is their easy fix for their program. I know their latest machine is a complete fire hazard. All they tell people “your cord melted, go buy a new one”, don’t offer to send one or anything. They have not recalled their machine either. HERE is a link to a post on cricut MB about the fire and such.

We are just trying to get the word out. Here is a link to the FILING(it does take a minute to load-so give it a bit), thanks to Deb at krapikreate for providing the court documents.

Help us get the word out. This is SOOO wrong!


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