August 28th, 2011

I am VERY proud of my son. He worked on his Eagle Scout project yesterday. It is very challenging. He first has to submit paperwork to get his project approved. He choose to fix an area of the Lincoln’s Children’s Zoo. Below is a sample of the before pictures.

Click here for more before pictures if you wish to look.

Below is a picture of the “crew” that helped, plus their dads. You can click here for “work in progress” pictures.

His project turned out awesome. That 3 limb stump was cut so you can sit in it. He made a small balance beam out of rocks. Filled in a hole with rocks to make it a “fire pit” (even though it will not have a fire), made stairs up a rock so the kids at the zoo could climb it easier. Basically cleaned up the area. Below is a picture of the same area as the above picture.

You can click HERE for more after pictures.

Timothy I am so VERY proud of you.

Thank you for looking.


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