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My name is Trisha and my husband’s name is Roger.  I started this website in April 2011. I was always talking about what I was making and people wanted to see, so this is where I post it. I really enjoy making these special items and to see the look on peoples faces when they look at what I made. I get alot of work where I am told “This is what we are thinking, but you come up with something.” Those are always fun and everyone usually likes what I came up with. We have 2 kids, Timothy who is now 17 and Elizabeth who will be 11 in August.  I used to work full-time at a college bookstore (for 16 years) and Roger was a stay-at-home-dad and does babysitting on the side (for 10 years). Roger decided it was time for him to go back to work. So starting in July 2013 we swapped. I am loving it! Roger is enjoying being out of the house now.  My family loves that I started this site.  Everything I have done here I loved doing it.  I started with the “not-to-be-named” cutter.  I am now using an 18″ Black Cat Cougar and loving it.  Enjoy looking at my site.


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