July 8, 2014 (Nebraska)

So my son wanted a sweatshirt, my daughter wanted a blackshirt, my sister just needed a new shirt, my other sister wanted a script “huskers” shirt, I liked the herby head.

Here are all the Nebraska clothing I made for all the above.

Husker Zip Up

GBR Bling

Metallic Husker Heart

Husker Bling

Metallic Herby Head

Thanks for Looking!

June 8, 2014 (Wicht’s Quality Gunsmithing)

My brother started his own gunsmithing business. I am making his clothing items for sale. This is his current clothing offers. If anyone is interested in his services you can visit his website at Wicht’s Quality Gunsmithing

WQG Property Of

WQG Blue Ribbon

WQG Blackshirt

WQG Beard We Trust

Wicht's Quality Gunsmithing

I also made him a couple of promotional items, polo for him to wear and a decal for the window on the back of his truck.

WQG Polo

WQG Window Decal

Thanks for Looking!